The 48 Laws Of power PDF Original Free Download (Robert Greene)

The 48 Laws Of Power PDF

The 48 Laws Of power PDF Download is a non-fiction book written by the American writer Robert Greene. Robert Greene is a famous book writer who is also known as a best seller of five international best seller books. The 48 Laws of Power were his first book that played a very important role in his career. Robert Greene had written this book in 1998.

Robert Greene had to face too much controversy because of this book. In their book, 48 Laws of Power Robert Greene has described and given the idea to understand 48 ways of Idea through which we can use our power in the right direction and to enforce our power for achieving our goals and getting success in life. In his book, Robert Greene explained these laws are made up of those thoughts, actions and tactics that can be used in playing power games and can also be used in achieving goals and getting power in our life.

If you want to know about The 48 Laws Of Power PDF Original Free download and also want to read this book in detail then you are in the right place. Through this article, we will provide the PDF of this book by downloading which you can read in detail.

Book Name              The 48 of Power
Author                Robert Greene 
      Language             English 
   Year         1998
Downloads             6537 downloads 

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The 48 Laws Of Power PDF

In this book, the author understands very well and explains in detail that power can be very effective in your business or in your working life. This book is quite famous in the business world and among corporate leaders because the ideas of power that can be used in our business and corporate world have been explained in very detail in this book.

The 48 laws explained in this book by Robert Greene are quite relatable and recommended. Some of the laws explained in this book are very straightforward and some of you may not agree.

The 48 Laws of Power Story

Greene’s First law of this book explains that never outshine the master, which means the person who is superior to you in any field or better than you, that’s why you should never outshine or disrespect your superior. It is essential to always remember that you work under them and you should always give respect to them. It is very easy to show your skills and talent in front of a senior but always remembers that you should never inferior your senior or criticize your senior. Robert Greene believes that if you respect your seniors then it will always be beneficial for you in your working life.

The second law of this book explains that we should never put too much trust in our friends and learn how to use our enemy for us. Robert Greens explained that your friend gets jealous of you easily and they can betray you by getting an opportunity. Some of us may not agree with this law of Robert Greens but this is also a fact that many of our friends get jealous of our success and don’t want to see us succeed. Further, Greene explained that your old enemy can be more useful than your friends if you know how to use your enemy. Robert Greens agree that we should get fear from our friend, not our enemy.

The third law of this book explains that we should never express our intention to other people. Robert Greene explained that if you keep people in the dark and if they don’t know about your intention then they may not be prepared to respond and this will be beneficial for you. Green advises that you give wrong information to people and show them that you are moving in the wrong direction so that they cannot be prepared for your accent and they can’t respond in time. In this book, Robert Greens also suggest that never saying less than necessary which means you should never speak more than necessary.

Green believes that by speaking more you give the chance to criticize yourself to other people and people will criticize you. Powerful people always speak less and speak open-ended and with facts. In the next law of Power Robert Greene says that society will try to impose expectations on you but should know your limitations and potential you have the power to create yourself according to your potential so always remember that never try to fulfil the expectation of society always try to use your potential and recreate yourself according to your potential.

Always remember that you can be what you want, never let anyone tell you how you should be or what you should do, and always try to recreate yourself according to your potential. You should become a person who cares for yourself and always tries to become powerful by recreating yourself.

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Conclusion:- In this article we have discussed the famous book of Robert Greene’s The 48 Laws Of Power . If you want to read this book in detail then you can read this book by downloading our PDF provided in this article.

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